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Develan Placa del General José Maria Patoni
Patoni Family Tree
A Brief Family History
Juan Bautista Patoni
José María Patoni
Jose Maria Patoni in Newspapers
Edna Torres Patoni
Carlos Patoni
Children of Carlos Patoni and Maria Ruperta Dominguez
Maria Guadalupe Patoni
Maria de las Nieves Patoni
Children of Carlos Patoni and Maria de la Luz Echávarri
Dolores "Lola" Patoni
Luis Salvador Patoni
Amalia "Molly" Patoni
Luz Patoni
Maria Francisca "Sara" Patoni
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Patoni Family Links
On this page you will find links to historical, genealogical and other sites of interest regarding the decendants of Carlos Patoni, his father Jose Maria Patoni and his grandfather Juan Bautista Patoni.

Patoni Family Tree

Patoni Family - Genforum

Patoni Family - Genforum

JOSÉ MARÍA PATONI POLITICO 1828- 1867 - En Espanol

The following are history papers which can be read on the Internet.  These paers were researched and written by Professor David W. Walker and these papers deal with the period  before, during and after the Mexican Revolution in Durango, Mexico.  Many of our Patoni relatives left Mexico during this turbulent time so it is interesting to try and get an understanding of what was happening during that time in Mexican history.

"Tarnished Dreams" - By Professor David W. Walker

"The Villista Legacy & Agrarian Radicalism in Eastern Durango..." - By Professor David W. Walker

"Home Grown Revolution" - By Professor David W. Walker

Agave patonii

3 Year Old Mammillaria patonii in Bloom

Mammillaria patonii

Agave patonii

Agave patonii - Named by Carlos Patoni

Agave patoni compacta

Map of State of Durango, Mexico

Map of Durango showing village of Jose Maria Patoni-See bottom left corner of map

About Calcite Minerals from the Town of Jose Maria Patoni, Durango, Mexico

Calcite Specimen from Town of Jose Maria Patoni, Durango, Mexico

Texas Heritage Society

The Texas Heritage Society is a new organization for the discovery, understanding and preservation of Texas history and genealogy. One of the main goals of the Texas Heritage Society is to provide a forum for historians to present their research.  Click here to visit their new web site.

Early History of Montgomery County, Texas

Articles by Kameron Searle regarding the early history of Montgomery County, Texas including the history of the Lake Creek Settlment and the roles of W. W. Shepperd and J. W. Moody in the founding and naming of the town of Montgomery, Texas.


Houston Traffic Ticket Lawyer

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